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The network is consisted of a wide cross-section of professionals that can provide the services you are looking for. Just complete a Request Form and someone will follow up with you.


Marketing has change from the way we knew it and doing nothing is not a choice. Partner with someone who is on the cutting edge.

We have the platform, network, tools and experience to deliver.


Traditional advertising is dead. Social Media including videos is what driving advertising.

With our Television channels, On-line News web portal and Social Media your goods and services will get the eye balls they need.


Cash is King but not in the Internet world. Be able to accept credit cards in any currency on-line makes all the difference.

We partner with all the major card companies and can have you setup anytime.


The term "Video is it" has taken on its true meaning. It is the time when no one hardly reads. Videos interact with all senses and a short clip will tell the whole story.

Our production team is ready to make your project come alive.

Network By The Numbers

Our Network consisted the following:


Media Channels

This is CDN Social Media channels and TV channels.


Contact Database

A database of businesses, Faith-Based organizations and Professionals / individuals.


Readers / Viewers

Readers on, visitors to the websites and our Social Media accounts.



Our Travel portal offers vacation and tour packages throughtout the Caribbean.


Social Media Contacts

This is CDN Social Media accounts.


Email Contacts

A database of businesses, Faith-Based organizations and Professionals / individuals.


Faith-Based Organizations

A database of faith-based organizations.


Non-Profit Organizations

Non-Profit organizations in the diaspora serving the Caribbean.


SMS Messaging

We communicate with members in our network by text messages.